"USS Springfield CL66 CLG7 SSN761 USMC"

USS Springfield Bluejackets, Inc

The USS Springfield Bluejackets, Inc is a reunion organization formed in 1991 by John W. Adams, President, along with fellow officers, Charlie Cavell, John "Moose" Pope, and Mario Lombardi for the benefit of shipmates who served on USS Springfield CL66, CLG7 and SBN761 to foster communication, maintain friendships and increase camaraderie.

John W. Adams was President of the Bluejackets for 17 years and the first reunion was held in 1991 in Nashua, NH at the Sheraton Tara Hotel with 244 shipmates attending. Subsequently, 16 - USS Springfield reunions were held in various cities across the U.S until John's retirement in 2007. John, his wife Ginny, daughter Wendy, fellow officers as noted previously and committee members, Vaughan Bogosian(deceased), William Wakeham(deceased), Jack Einhorn(Chaplain) and Bill Moore(deceased) are to be commended for their hard work and dedication in making our reunion organization successful.

At the 2007 reunion in Newport News, VA, new officers were elected. Rich Wilson, President (CLG7 '70-'71); Vice President, Buddy Verdi (CL66 '44-'45); Secretary, Mario Lombardi '71-'73), Treasurer, Keith Rivard (CLG7 '66-'68). This slate of officers was re-elected in 2010 and again in 2012 to 3 year terms.

At the 2015 business meeting. Donald Smith (CLG-7, 66-68) replaced Buddy Verdi (CL66 '44-'45) as Vice President and Webmaster, David Schantz (CLG-7, '60-'62) was added to the Board of Directors.

During the business meeting held at the 2017 reunion held in Memphis, Tennessee, the shipmates attending voted to hold the next reunion in September 2018 in Buffalo, NY where the USS Little Rock CLG4 is now berthed. For more information contact us